Many conceived that when Dalton Bailey was born that he was the incarnation of the Anti-Christ and Adolf Hitler and Hannibal Lector and Michael Myers and Joseph Stalin and Pedobear and Albert Wesker and Dr. Evil and Saddam Hussain and Santa and Adam Lambert and even Satan himself.


Dalton Bailey was born and raised in a vat of milk. Constantly raped by his father, he ran away at the age of 8. He ran into the widerness of Shelby Forest and was found by a pack of wolves. The wolves raised him till he was 14 and they set him free unto the world. That day, all electrical systems exploded in the Southeastern United States and Country was thrown into chaos. After 2 years of darkness the South was miraculously set alight again. Dalton Bailey now attends Tipton Rosemark Academy and Resides in the janitors closet.


Dalton Bailey works as a gigolo for his community. He gets paid $30 an hour, but has to give all the money to his pimp, [NAME RETRACTED]. He works days and nights, and has to put in 75 hours a week. If he fails to get his pay he is constantly beat and sexually punished by [NAME RETRACTED].

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